Monday, March 12, 2012

Mind your minutes!

Have you ever heard the saying, "Time flies when you are having fun?" Does is really go faster or is it just our perception of the time passing? How about when you are scrubbing your bathroom, does time fly by then? :) Do all of our hours only have sixty minutes in them? The answer of course is yes, but it does not always feel that way. When we are engaged in a fun activity time does seems to just zip by; however, when we are up with a sick child at 2 a.m. the clock seems to stand still.

Time is one commodity we all receive in equal measure. Each day we are blessed with the same 24 hours. What we are able to accomplish in those hours often varies greatly. In our hurry, scurry culture, we are always running out of time. Many times we blame our lack of time for why we fail to be productive. We reason that certain projects will take too long, therefore, we justify putting them off indefinitely.  You may be like me and have a project or two that is begging for attention. Today I am reminded of the power of 15 minutes!

I admit this information is not original with me. I had a college professor who challenged us to use our 15 minutes wisely each day. The 15 minute principle is on other blogs and in time management books. However, it is discovered, the method holds much can be accomplished in a mere 15 minutes.

It honors God when we use our time wisely. We shows our family love when we bless our home with our time and attention. You may be like me with a week's schedule that is daunting; however, I know if I look hard enough I can find just 15 minutes to tackle some projects. Maybe for you it is not a lingering project but a kitchen that looks like a war zone and a living room that looks like a tornado hit it. The principle remains, set  your timer and be amazed at the difference only 15 minutes can make. It is tax season. May people file late returns simply because they "do not have the time" to get their affairs in order. Take it 15 minutes at a time. Set the timer and when it goes off, give yourself permission to move on to your next project awaiting you.

Do not let the guilt and frustration of unfinished projects or lists rob you of your peace of mind. Sometimes we do face tasks that will take long periods of time. Break it down and work at it just 15 minutes at a time.

Sometimes after a very busy week when our house looks very lived in but somewhat neglected, we as a family will "play the 15 minute game." Sometimes we break up into teams, other times we see who can put away {neatly!} the most items, or my favorite we simply work our way around the house in 15 minute increments until it looks like *home* again.

There are many household tasks that can easily be accomplished in 15 minutes or less...
*wipe down bathroom sinks and toilets
*clean bathroom mirrors and front/back door glass
*sweep front/back porch
*empty trash cans throughout the house
*sort family laundry
*start/switch a load of laundry
*fold and put away a load of laundry
*empty and refill the dishwasher
*sort through mail
*write a quick note or email to someone who needs encouragement
*pay a bill
*read your children a story :)
*take a walk around the block and get some fresh air
*empty car of clutter and wipe down dashboard
*sweep/vacuum several rooms

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Mind your minutes!

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