Friday, May 11, 2012


Just wanted to give you a quick update on my last post...Our friends are arriving any minute. Praise the Lord for a safe trip in wet and gloomy conditions. Thank you, to all who prayed for me to get my "chores" done the past few days. They have been challenging, but I think we're ready (well, mostly...just don't look too closely at my desk :) Adding to our "normal" schedule has been a graduation, funeral preparations, and a one-on-one discipleship Bible study. God has blessed and helped me make the most of my time. Also, my boys are amazing helpers. In a moment of honesty, I was unsure when they were little, that the day would ever come when they would truly help more than they hindered. Praise the Lord!!! The day has come!!! They're awesome! As I was typing that sentence one of my Guys came in to ask, "Mom, are there any jobs you need me to do?" Ah, it does a Mom's heart good to hear that. :) So for now, I am off to go enjoy a few busy days with my Chum, enjoy celebrating my little Daniel's 7th birthday, and spend a few moments thanking the Lord for the amazing Mom and Mom-in-Love He gave me. God bless!

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